Abortion terrorism in the United States began in the 1980’s and continues to the present date. The “Army of God” an underground group of followers dedicated to the overthrow of abortion rights and practices in the United States advocates harassment, abortion clinic blockades and clinic violence. The Army of God manual purportedly inspired by the souls of aborted babies urges followers to take action to end the “holocaust” of aborted children in the United States. The adherents of the Army of God are generally Christian in their background and view the embryo/fetus as a living human being that deserves protection from conception. They believe that abortion is an act of killing and advocate extreme measures including violence and killing of abortion practioners to save unborn “children”.

Dr. Speckhard became acquainted with the Army of God when she served on the defense team of Ms. _ a young woman with a traumatic and abusive life history. Ms. _, previously a nonviolent pro-life activist, fell under the influence of the Army of God teachings when she was given its militant manual and told that those who witnessed the Holocaust in Germany now feel guilty and are often condemned for having done nothing to save its victims at the time it was happening. Motivated by her own traumatic abortion experience and previous traumatization in childhood, and made to feel guilty for not doing enough, she became involved as a militant attacking abortion clinics. In a deeply disturbed psychological state Ms. _ was influenced to take part in two abortion clinic attacks both that did little damage to the buildings. As a result she faced a lengthy prison sentence which was later shortened in a plea bargain. Dr. Speckhard continues to study abortion clinic terrorism in the United States.


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Abortion Clinic Terrorism