International Spy Museum - Smithsonian Series
"Thank you for your amazing talk this a.m. [for the Smithsonian Resident Associates Program - Traitors, Dictators and Terrorists). I’ve rifled through the evaluations, and they were positively glowing for the series and for you. “Excellent” was the preferred box to check." Amanda Ohlke, International Spy Museum

Global Journalist Security 

"I want to thank you for such a great presentation on Friday (on Resilience Before, During and After Captivity/Hostage-Taking). You knocked it out of the park in every respect. Both the trainees and trainers loved it. And it fit wholly with our own ethos and approach." Frank Smyth, Global Journalist Security.

National Counterterrorism Center - Washington, D.C.

"We wish to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made at the Extremist Mindset speaker series.  We had our largest turnout yet, and from the feedback we received from across the Intelligence Community, your presentation was a great success."

DACOR - An Organization of Foreign Affairs Professionals 

"I would like to express my deep gratitude on behalf of DACOR members and guests who had the opportunity to hear you speak last week about your book Talking to Terrorists. Your research and interviews have obviously provided you first-hand insight into the circumstances that create a terrorist and your presentation was compelling, dynamic and thought-provoking."

Praise from the Canadian Intelligence Service: 

"Dr. Speckhard was an excellent speaker...She is an animated speaker who can maintain an audience's attention."

                                      Praise from the U.S. State Department: 
                                 "Anne was a very dynamic speaker...
                                 Her expertise is very impressive,  
                                 based on extraordinarily extensive
                                 firsthand research Very, very few
                                 people have this type of firsthand


"Anne has a wealth of fascinating and insightful anecdotes at her disposal.  Nothing communicates better than a good story and Anne has them in abundance."
"Anne's psychological expertise is perfectly suited to understanding the terrorist mindset and why people become terrorists, which is the key puzzle for those wishing to understand this very important phenomenon."
"Anne is a gifted natural speaker.  She exudes enthusiasm and her interest in her area of expertise is infectious." 

Praise from the NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism

"We were very pleased to have such an authentic and captivating speaker who was able to cover a great deal of material while also making it easily relate to real world examples. Dr. Speckhard is not only a courageous researcher having met and interviewed terrorists in their natural settings across the globe; she is also a leader in her field and highly articulate.  Her work is fascinating and she brings it to the audience in a very warm and energetic manner.  She is a leader in her  field and the subjects covered whilst speaking during our centre’s activities include resilience to terrorism, suicide terrorism, mass hostage situations, and female involvement in terrorism.  I am sure she is quite able to address many other topics to a high calibre as well.  I highly recommend her as a speaker."  
Major (British Army)
Course Director, COE-DAT

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