Increasingly hard scientists from the fields of physics, biology and psychology are beginning to understand that intention and emotion may be far more important for the body than we previously realized and that the barriers in time and space that we take for granted may not be as impervious as we think.  For instance scientific studies carried out by researchers affiliated with top universities (Princeton, Stanford, etc.) and supported by U.S. government funding establishes that remote viewing, telepathy, intuitive knowledge, clairvoyance, healing intention, and even remote healing may all be within our reach.


Just as the mind body and spirit constitute a highly complex energetic system, there are are myriad of access points to shift the energy within the body and accomplish significant healing.  The techniques of healing with energy are many and there is an entire spectrum of practice and techniques that are beginning to be accepted as complementary medicine and also into the mainstreams of standard medical treatment.


The mind, body and spirit comprise a unique confluence of energy and neither is separate from the other.  Indeed the mind often gives rise to pain and illness and quieting the mind to access the energy channels within the body can often bring true and lasting healing to both the mind and the body.  Likewise the narratives that accompany illness often give unique clues to how to interrupt the disease process and also to activate natural healing systems within the mind and body.  Dr. Speckhard maintains a keen academic interest in energy healing, medical intuition and narrative medicine.

Energy Healing & Narrative Medicine