Timothy Tottle's Terrific Dream

Anne Speckhard & Jessica Speckhard

"I wonder where the water goes?" Timothy asks as he watches it disappear down the drain. After being tucked into bed by his mother, Timothy drifts into dream filled sleep in which he returns to the bathtub—where he change sizes and rides his toy

sailboat right down the drain! There he meets the bathtub water cleaning
monsters who take him on a frantic frolic. Timothy and the monsters jump on all the beds in their bedtime party until they finally collapse into sleep! One of
the monsters dreams of taking a sailboat to Timothy’s home to be kissed and
tucked in sweetly by Timothy’s mother. Meanwhile Timothy sails back home to
sleep in his own little bed—until morning when he runs to his mother’s bed to
tell her all about his terrific dream!" Written by research psychologist Anne Speckhard, Timothy Tottle’s Terrific Dream addresses key bedtime concerns
of young children in a soothing cadence. Playful suggestions prompt children to
gently relinquish play and drift slowly into a sweet dream-filled sleep.
Touching illustrations by New York city’s emerging artist, Jessica Speckhard
show the love between mother and child, the playfulness of dreams and provide
the security to let go and drift into sleep... 
See the electronic version of the book for Kindle and Ipad at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J0RB8VO  Timothy Tottle’s Terrific Dream is the first in the series of Timothy Tottle’s Amazing Adventures, published by Little Fingertips Press, an imprint of Advances Press, LLC.